Shakeology Vs. Isagenix

This article will look at the benefits of Shakeology vs. Isagenix.  Both of these meal replacement drinks are very popular and people have had great success with both, but which stands above the other and is the ultimate meal replacement drink?

Purpose Of A Meal Replacement Drink

Shakeology Vs IsagenixMeal replacement drinks play a vital role in helping individuals ascertain the nutrition that their body needs to function at its optimal level while living busy lifestyles.  Meal replacement drinks are typically mixed with water, milk, or juice – then shaken or mixed – to form a shake that can be enjoyed immediately or taken to go.  Meal replacement drinks typically are fortified with many of the ingredients that your body needs, and they typically contain reduced calories that help one in losing weight.  But not all meal replacement drinks are created equally.

Shakeology vs. Isagenix

The factors that we will examine when comparing Shakeology vs. Isagenix will include their taste, pricing, results, quality of ingredients, and any guarantee by the companies regarding their products.

          Taste:  Isagenix comes in two main flavors:  creamy chocolate, and creamy vanilla.  Shakeology comes in two flavors as well:  greenberry, and chocolate (there is another flavor – tropical fruit – being released in the fall of 2011).  My analysis here is that the Shakeology chocolate flavor is the best in comparison to any of the other flavors – including the greenberry.  The Shakeology chocolate flavor mixes to form a thick, creamy, and satiating shake that can be taken alone or blended with countless other Shakeology recipes to add more variety.

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          Pricing:  Isagenix comes at a cost of approximately $3.50/serving before shipping and tax, while Shakeology costs around $4/serving.  Isagenix is slightly cheaper, but with a little ingenuity – there are some ways to save additional money on Shakeology making it the least expensive.  Two ways to save with Shakeology are to enroll in the autoship, or home direct program (which gives you FREE shipping on every Shakeology order); and secondly, enroll as a Beachbody Coach to receive an additional 25% off of all Beachbody products including Shakeology.  By taking advantage of these two simple steps, your cost for Shakeology is only $3/serving with taxes and shipping included!

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          Results:  Both Isagenix and Shakeology have been used in the health world to achieve good results, but no product has been used more than or studied more in scientific experiments than Shakeology.  In fact, a recent scientific study found that the average Shakeology user lost 10 pounds and 2 inches from their waist in just a few months of taking Shakeology.  Other confirmed scientific findings from this study included lowered cholesterol, decreased cardiac risk factors, and reduced degenerative changes in the body.  Countless other Shakeology reviews have benefitted from Shakeology with results that include:  weight loss, increased energy, decreased recovery time from exercise, increased muscle mass, improved regularity and digestion, enhanced mental clarity and function, decreased cravings, decreased blood pressure, improved cholesterol, and an overwhelming feeling of optimal health!

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          Shakeology IsagenixShakeology vs. Isagenix Ingredients:  Isagenix contains 23 grams vs. 18 grams of protein in Shakeology – a plus for Isagenix.  But if you combine Shakeology with skim milk – it has 26 grams of protein.  Isagenix contains 1100% more fat than Shakeology (<0.5 grams in Shakeology vs. 6 grams in Isagenix) – and this is a huge win for Shakeology.  Both shakes contain a number of natural ingredients that differentiate them from most other meal replacement drinks. A look at the caloric cost of each shake shows that Shakeology wins with only 140 calories, while Isagenix contains 71% more calories with 240 per serving.   Isagenix contains more than 10% of your daily allowance of cholesterol (not good), while Shakeology contains only 3% – and Isagenix contains double the amount of sodium (another negative for Isagenix).

Isagenix contains 7 grams of fiber vs. 3 grams for Shakeology, but it is deficient in a number of the other nutritional areas in comparison to Shakeology.  Shakeology contains 300% of the daily allowance for Vitamin C, while Isagenix contains only 40%.  Shakeology contains 100% of the daily allowance of Vitamin A, while Isagenix contains only 50%.  Shakeology contains 50% of the daily allowance for calcium, while Isagenix contains only 30%.  And Shakeology contains over 100% of the daily allowance of Vitamin B6, compared to only 70% in Isagenix.  When looking at the diversity of ingredients included in each drink, Shakeology is the clear winner with over 70+ premium ingredients compared to only around 50 in Isagenix.

Isagenix, unfortunately, contains fructose – which is a harmful artificial sweetener.  Fructose has been shown to have the following negative health effects:  1) increased risk for heart disease by increasing triglycerides, 2) can cause weight gain due to failing to release appetite-regulating hormones – which leave you feeling unsatiated with your meal, and 3) can cause Type 2 diabetes by developing insulin resistance.

          Guarantee:  Both Isagenix and Shakeology offer similar guarantees.  You can try each product for 30 days, and if not completely satisfied – return it for a full refund minus shipping costs.  Shakeology comes out ahead though, because if you enroll in the autoship program from the start – you get free shipping which saves you around $10 compared to if you had to pay for your Isagenix product shipping.  Not only do you receive FREE shipping with the Shakeology home direct program, but you also receive two FREE Shakeology workout DVD’s, and a FREE Shakeology mixer cup.

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The Shakeology vs. Isagenix Winner Is …. Shakeology!

For the reasons discussed above, and the lack of nutritional depth in comparison to Shakeology – Shakeology is the clear winner vs Isagenix. Shakeology lacks harmful artificial sweeteners, has far less fat, less calories, and less cholesterol/sodium.  Not only does Shakeology contain more healthy ingredients, but more importantly numerous scientific studies have found it to yield more beneficial health results than Isagenix.  You would literally have to drink 2-4 isagenix drinks to get the same concentration of vitamins and minerals from a single Shakeology drink!  Shakeology has a risk-free trial with which you can also get FREE shipping with the home direct program – which is once again a better offer than available from Isagenix.  When comparing Shakeology vs. Isagenix – the winner is clear … Shakeology!  Start your metamorphosis into a healthier you by starting your risk-free trial today!

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