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In thisĀ Shakeology review, we will take an inside look at the popular Beachbody Shakeology meal replacement shake and attempt to answer some of the most common questions related to it. While Beachbody is a great company with a long history of providing high quality products, reading Shakeology reviews before ordering is a good idea as it will give you a better idea of exactly what you can expect from this product.

What is the Shakeology Meal Replacement Shake?

Shakeology ReviewFirst of all, let’s discuss what this nutritional supplement is and how you’re supposed to drink it.

Shakeology is a comprehensive meal replacement drink that provides the nutritional equivalent of a full meal in each glass. Often called “the healthiest meal of the day”, each Shakeology shake provides the body with 70 natural ingredients derived from some of the healthiest whole foods grown on planet earth.

More than just a “protein shake”, Shakeology contains prebiotics and digestive enzymes, fiber, cancer fighting antioxidants, immune system boosters, and much more. Each and every one of the ingredients in Shakeology is there for a very specific purpose, and they all work together in unison to deliver the essential nutrition required by the body to operate at its peak potential.

Shakeology is shipped in powder form, and preparing a shake is as easy as mixing 1 scoop of powder with your liquid of choice. Another great thing about Shakeology is the fact that no blender is needed, a shaker cup works great and allows for quicker cleanup. Obviously, if you’re going to be adding additional ingredients such as the ones listed in our delicious Shakeology recipes, you’ll definitely need to fire up the blender.

How Does Shakeology Work?

Shakeology ReviewsShakeology is not just a weight loss meal replacement drink. It’s also a powerhouse of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to function optimally. If you’ve ever felt sluggish, lethargic and fatigued throughout your week days, you will notice an immediate improvement in your energy levels.

You will also find that the increase in healthy nutrients you’re taking will regulate your blood sugar levels. This means you won’t be struggling with food cravings all day long.

These same nutrients are also proven to help improve your immune system and benefit your digestive system. Of course, you’ll also find it’s much easier to begin losing weight and building lean muscle when you replace one meal a day with this meal supplement.

How Much Does Shakeology Cost?

While Shakeology isn’t cheap, you certainly get what you pay for.

At approximately $4 per shake, Shakeology is far cheaper than the average fast food meal and about the same price as a trendy coffee drink, yet it delivers complete nutrition in each glass. All things considered, the Shakeology meal replacement shake is a great value.

There’s also the time-saving factor involved. Making your meal takes 3 minutes. You simply add one scoop of Shakeology to your liquid of choice. If you want to add a different flavor, add a banana or some strawberries to the mix. Compare that to 30 minutes of cooking and preparing a meal and you have a time saving as well as a dollar saving.

Shakeology Review – List of Shakeology Ingredients

No Shakeology review would be complete without providing a list of Shakeology ingredients. The secret to Shakeology’s effectiveness lies in both the ingredients used, and their overall quality. When it comes to high quality ingredients, Shakeology is truly in a league of its own.

Shakeology Ingredients: Barley grass, wheat grass, kamut grass, maca powder, blueberry powder, acerola powder, camu-camu powder, bilberry powder, pomegranate powder, lycium (goji) powder, acai berry powder, maitake powder, cordyceps, reishi powder, citrus bioflavanoids, rose hips powder, schisandra powder, gingko powder, suma powder, quinoa, pea fiber, MSM, spinach powder, blue green algae, astragalus powder, apple pectin powder, hydrilla, spirulina, chlorella, chia seed, flax seed, yacon, sacha inchi, oat grass, amaranth, grape seed extract, green tea decaffeinated extract, ashwagandha powder, bromelain, protease, lipase, lactase, cellulase, papain, amylase, bifodobacterium longum, lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, lactobacillus bulgaricus, lactobacillus casei, streptococcus thermophilus, whey protein, holy basil powder

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4 Responses to “Shakeology Review – Real Shakeology Reviews and Testimonials”

  1. Donna says:

    I’ve been drinking Shakeology for several weeks now and absolutely love it. It’s definitely the best tasting meal replacement shake that I’ve ever tried, and I’m noticing that my pants are already fitting me much better. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a healthy meal replacement product.

  2. R. Marin says:

    Shakeology has become part of my daily routine, and I’ve already lost 12 pounds since I started replacing my lunches each day with a shake. Taste-wise, I’ve tried both flavors, but would have to give the edge to chocolate!

  3. Jackson says:

    I enjoyed watching the Shakeology review video. I’ve been on the fence about ordering Shakeology, but just decided to pull the trigger. Thanks for the info, looking forward to trying it out!

  4. Martha Daniels says:

    Shakeology is delicious! I just received my first order on Friday (shipping was FAST), and the chocolate is so good that it’s hard to believe this stuff is healthy.

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