How Do I Buy Shakeology?

Buy ShakeologyShakeology shakes have revolutionized the world of nutrition and allowed thousands of people to meet their health goals.  But how can you buy Shakeology?  This article will tell you exactly where to buy Shakeology, as well as reveal some hidden secrets on how to save money when you order Shakeology.

Can I Buy Shakeology Anywhere?

No.  Shakeology is an exclusive product that is sold through Beachbody, Inc.  The only way you can buy Shakeology products is through a registered agent, or coach, from Beachbody.

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Who Is Beachbody, And Why Do I Have To Buy Shakeology From Them?

Beachbody is a fitness company that produces many fine nutritional supplements, as well as an assortment of home workout DVD programs including: P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs, Body Gospel, Chilean Extreme, etc.  Beachbody has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2002, and works hard to maintain the highest rating through their agency – an A+!

Beachbody only allows you to buy Shakeology through them directly via a “coach” or agent to ensure the authenticity of the product.

What Can I Expect If I Buy Shakeology?

If you were to buy Shakeology, there are many positive health benefits that you would begin to notice within the first two weeks. These include:  weight loss, decreased cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, decreased recovery time from exercise, increased energy, better digestion and regularity, as well as increased mental acuity and clarity.

The reason most people become attracted to Shakeology is because it is a viable option to help them in controlling their daily caloric intake – thereby resulting in weight loss.  What makes Shakeology so special, is what you get with each shake.  Shakeology shakes don’t have many calories (only 140), or fat (<0.5 g), but they do have an abundance of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, protein, and natural ingredients that you do need.

What Makes Shakeology So Special?

Shakeology is hands-down the best meal replacement shake on the market for several reasons.

-  It has lower calories than other drinks.

-  It blows the competitors away on the positive nutritional value of its shakes.    (try comparing labels!)

-  It contains all natural ingredients – NO artificial sweeteners, caffeine, or gluten. (unlike the competitors)

-  It is backed by the industry’s greatest guarantee.

-  It works!  No other meal replacement shake has had the success found with Shakeology.

    For more reasons why Shakeology is in a class all by itself, read our complete Shakeology review.

    How To Save When You Buy Shakeology

    There are several ways to save when you buy Shakeology.  First, order the 30 portion size bag instead of the 24 individually packaged servings.  This gives you 25% more product for the same price!  If you like to take Shakeology on the go, simply scoop the servings into a disposable plastic baggie!

    Another way to save big on when you buy Shakeology, is to sign up for “home direct”.  Home direct orders get FREE shipping!  That is a savings of $5-$10 per order as well! Home direct orders also come with two free workout DVD’s, and a shaker cup.  You can cancel the home direct program at any time.

    A hidden secret about the home direct program … even if you want to buy Shakeology to try for one month, you can sign up for the home direct program – and cancel within 30 days if not fully satisfied.  This will save you your shipping costs completely!

    What Guarantee Do I Get If I Buy Shakeology?

    Buy ShakeologyShakeology products are backed by the best guarantee in the industry.  Called the “Bottom-of-the-Bag” Guarantee, you can buy Shakeology and try it for up to 30 days risk free!  If not completely satisfied within 30 days, simply returned the unused portion for a FULL refund minus shipping.  That’s right – you can use all 30 day’s worth of Shakeology and still return it if not fully satisfied!

    Why Would Anyone Offer This Good Of A Guarantee?

    Beachbody knows and stands behind the power of their product.  They know that the Shakeology shakes have been battle tested and proven a thousand times over.  Cutting no corner, and inputting nothing but the best premium products – the Shakeology shake stands in a league of its own. Don’t sell your body short, buy Shakeology today and begin to realize your fullest potential.

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