Can You Buy Shakeology In Stores?

Wondering if you are able to purchase Shakeology in stores?  At this time, you are only able to purchase Shakeology directly from Beachbody or from an independent Beachbody coach.  But, this article will tell you how to maximize your savings with your Shakeology purchases.

The Shakeology Health Drink

Shakeology In StoreShakeology has successfully become a nutritional miracle in combining over 70+ healthy ingredients that your body craves, together with only 140 calories and less than 0.5 grams of fat.  No other drink on the market can offer anywhere near as many unique ingredients with just a fraction of the calories and fat.  No wonder that the Shakeology drink is the best selling meal replacement drink on the market today.

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Shakeology Benefits

Many a Shakeology review show that using Shakeology has numerous benefits.  The most common benefits noted by those who use Shakeology include:  weight loss, decreased blood pressure, improved cholesterol, improved immunity,  reduced cardiac risk factors, increased energy, enhanced mental clarity and function, improved digestiong and regularity, increased lean muscle mass, decreased recovery time from exercise, and stronger hair, nails, and skin.

Shakeology In Stores?

Can you purchase Shakeology in stores … no.  At this time the only way to purchase your Shakeology is through the Beachbody website, or through an independent Beachbody coach.  However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal and discount on your Shakeology!  Later, I will explain the simple steps you can take to save money on your Shakeology orders.

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Save Money On Shakeology

There are several simple steps you can use to save significant money with your Shakeology purchases.

1)  Purchase the value bag (30 servings) instead of the 24 individually sealed packets – which is the equivalent of a 25% or $30 savings per order!

2)  Enroll for the home direct program and receive FREE shipping on every order ($10 savings).

3)  Sign up as a Beachbody Coach and save 25% on every Beachbody product, as well as has the potential to generate extra income through the Beachbody program.  Savings = $30/Shakeology order.

These three simple steps will save you $70 a month on your Shakeology orders!

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Shakeology Guarantee

Shakeology In StoresShakeology is so confident that you will love their product and achieve results that are more than you expected, that they are willing to back it up with the best guarantee in the business.  In fact, try Shakeology today and if not 100% satisfied within 30 days – return the remainder for a full refund minus shipping costs!  A risk-free trial!

Better yet, enroll in the home direct program and receive FREE shipping on every monthly shipment of Shakeology,  two FREE Shakeology workout DVD’s, and a FREE Shakeology mixer cup.  You literally can’t go wrong with all of the benefits you’ll receive with this amazing offer.

So what are you waiting for?  Take advantage of the risk-free trial today and begin to see the results you’ve been craving to achieve but didn’t think were possible.  Since buying Shakeology in stores isn’t an option, simply click on the link below to begin your metamorphosis into a healthier you.

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