Beachbody Shakeology – Terrific Meal Replacement Shake

Beachbody ShakeologyThe Beachbody Shakeology drink needs little introduction.  After coming onto the market a few years ago, the Beachbody Shakeology meal replacement shake has become a sensation among fitness and weight loss enthusiasts.  The Beachbody Shakeology product is so far superior to any other meal replacement drinks on the market – I will convince you in this article why you have to make it a part of your life.

Purpose Of Beachbody Shakeology

The purpose of the Beachbody Shakeology shake is quite simple – allow you to function at your optimum potential by providing you the healthiest drink possible that is both packed with natural and healthy nutrients, but has a limited amount of calories.  Delivering a grocery bag full of all-natural products that your body needs with only 140 calories – allows you to meet your weight loss goals while keeping you functioning at your highest potential.

What Makes Beachbody Shakeology Different

Beachbody ShakesThink this is a Shakeology scam? I will show you it is anything but that.  No drink has been used more, or has achieved such high acclaim or health results than the Beachbody Shakeology product.  Shakeology meal replacement shakes stand out from the crowd in several important areas:

1)  Contains many times more the positive nutritional value of competitors.

2)  Has less calories (only 140) and fat (<0.5 gram) than competitors.

3)  Contains a much wider nutritional variety (70+ natural ingredients) than competitors.

4)  Contains NO harmful caffeine, gluten, or artificial sweeteners which are in almost all competitors.

5)  Is the most popular and proven drink on the market.

6)  Is backed by the industry’s best guarantee – a no risk trial!

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Beachbody Shakeology Benefits

There are many benefits to the Beachbody Shakeology program. Most notably the benefits include:  weight loss, increased mental clarity and function, improved immune system function, improved digestive absorption and regularity, decreased blood pressure, improved cholesterol, reduced cravings, improved ability of body to produce and repair muscle, among many other benefits!

Because you can mix a Shakeology drink in seconds, they can be substituted easily for a meal – even when you are in a hurry.  Many people will make one for their breakfast as they head out the door to work, and drink it on their way to work.  Being portable, easy to make, and delightfully delicious – makes them a great alternative for your busy mealtime periods.

Beachbody Shakeology Taste and Texture

Most meal replacement drinks are chalky and come in boring or tasteless flavors – not Shakeology!  Shakeology mixes fast – and will form a rich, creamy, thick shake that not only goes down easy – but also satiates for hours to come.  This is important since it will keep your cravings down and keep you from having to eat again due to feeling hungry (as is common with competitor drinks).

Shakeology comes in two flavors:  Chocolate, and Greenberry.  Both of these are amazing, and add a punch of taste to the shake that is quite delightful. In addition, some people chose to explore their gourmet side by using various Shakeology recipes that include other added fruit or ingredients.  However, the Shakeology shakes are GREAT just as they are!

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Why Shakeology Works

The Beachbody Shakeology product works better than any other because of many reasons.  A lot of diets are full of “empty” calories that are low in calories, but lack the nutrients your body needs to function.  This results in the body having to cannibalize itself to unlock stored reserves of food to maintain itself.  This does not improve your body’s function, but rather leaves you feeling irritable, cranky, hungry, sleepy, depresses your immune system, reduces you recovery time from exercise, and may even result in diarrhea and sickness.

Shakeology is nutrient rich – while having low calories providing the best of both worlds.  Because Shakeology reduces your caloric intake, it helps you lose weight.  And because it is loaded with positive nutritional ingredients, your body continues to fire on all cylinders.

Because Shakeology is so convenient to make, use, and take with you – it is simple to incorporate it into your daily routine. In addition, the taste is so good – that you will not want to miss your next Shakeology meal!

Beachbody Shakeology Guarantee

Beachbody ShakeThe Beachbody Shakeology product is backed by the best guarantee in the business – named the “Bottom Of The Bag” Guarantee.  Beachbody is so sure that you will love their product, that they are willing to let you try it for a full 30 days risk free.  If not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days, you can get a full refund minus the shipping costs.  What a guarantee!  Not only that, but if you sign up for home direct, you will get free shipping, 2 workout DVD’s, and a free shaker cup!  The home direct program is perfect for making sure you have the Shakeology you need each month delivered to your home free of charge. Don’t hesitate.  Start reaching your weight and fitness goals today.  Try the Shakeology drink and achieve your fullest potential.

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