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Shakeology WorkoutThe Shakeology meal replacement drink has become a phenomenon.  Not only do they have a blockbuster drink, but they’ve also created two Shakeology workout DVD’s that will help you achieve the fitness levels you’ve only dreamed of.  This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Shakeology workouts, and about the Shakeology drink that will help you achieve the results you never thought possible.

The Shakeology Drink

Shakeology is an ultra-premium meal replacement drink that is intended to replace one or more meals per day.  The nutritional scientists at Beachbody created a state-of-the-art drink that contains 70+ healthy ingredients, while containing only 140 calories and less than 0.5 grams of fat.  Not only that, but Shakeology contains NO gluten, NO caffeine, and NO artificial sweeteners.

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Shakeology Flavors

Shakeology comes in two tantalizing flavors – chocolate, and greenberry.  Also, there is a third flavor in the works – but the details are still a secret.  Both flavors mix effortlessly and quickly to create thick, creamy, and filling shakes that can be enjoyed at home or taken with you when you are on the go.  The better selling flavor is chocolate – but both are equally as tasteful.

Shakeology Workout

The makers of Shakeology know that diet is only part of the recipe for success.  Another factor in achieving your fitness goals is exercise.  That is why Shakeology includes two amazing Shakeology workouts FREE with home direct, or autoship orders. The 2 DVD’s include a 30 minute, and a 50 minute workout routine that is produced by Tania Ante.

Starting out, most people do the 30 minute DVD 3-4 times per week, and gradually introduce the 50 minute workout DVD.  The 30 minute DVD workout is designed to burn calories – and is a time-tested classic that combines cardiovascular intervals that function to increase your lean muscle mass, strength, and drastically increase your metabolism.  The 50 minute DVD workout continues the theme of the 30 minute DVD by increasing your strength, lean muscle, endurance, and increased metabolism.  The 50 minute DVD workout discs accelerate your fitness gains by increasing the challenge to your body.

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Shakeology Results

A recent scientific study done on individuals who replaced one meal per day with Shakeology for 90 days had some pretty amazing results.  The average person lost 10 pounds and 2 inches from their waist!  Not only that, but read another Shakeology review or two and find that most people report higher energy levels, improved immunity, improved blood pressure, reduced cardiovascular risk factors, decreased degenerative changes, improved cholesterol, decreased weight, improved mental clarity and function, increased regularity and digestion, increased lean muscle mass, decreased recovery time from exercising, and stronger hair, nails, and skin.

Shakeology Guarantee

Shakeology WorkoutsThe makers of Shakeology are so confident that you will love their product, that they are willing to do something that no other comapny is … a risk-free trial guarantee.  Try Shakeology for 30 days and if not 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund minus shipping costs.  Sign up for the home direct, or auto ship program and besides receiving your Shakeology on a convenient monthly basis, you’ll also receive 2 FREE Shakeology workout DVD’s, FREE shipping, and a FREE mixer cup.  Begin your transformation with the Shakeology drink and Shakeology workout program today – you have absolutely nothing to lose!

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