Shakeology Scam – Buyer Beware?

When making a considerable investment in your health, you want to verify that this premium supplement isn’t just a Shakeology scam.  There is no doubt that a $4 per day meal supplement isn’t cheap – but can you afford not to take it?  In today’s difficult economic environment, consumers want to make sure that they are receiving the most for each dollar that they spend.  The search for true value is what makes Shakeology so enticing.

Shakeology is the total package.  It is a healthy meal – in a glass.  You can easily drink it at home, or on the go.  The versatility of shakeology makes it applicable to people of all types of lifestyles.

How do I know that this isn’t a Shakeology scam?

When researching the shakeology scamclaims of the Shakeology meal supplements – it is first important to look under the hood to see what ingredients they are putting in the drinks.  Shakeology shakes are made with premium ingredients including a healthy dose of your needed protein, amino acids, fiber, prebiotics, digestive enzymes to improve digestion, antioxidants and phytonutrients to decrease degenerative diseases by attacking free radicals, as well as a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to work in peak condition.

I soon came to the realization that the Shakeology meal supplement drinks are the real deal.  I couldn’t help but wondering what it would cost to purchase all of the natural ingredients at my local Whole Foods to make such a drink for myself – I can assure you that it would be nowhere near as inexpensive as the Shakeology prices. This product provides a Gluten free and caffeine free supplement drink that also amazingly contains no refined sugars or artificial sweeteners – which have been shown to have adverse health effects and are included in many of the competitors drinks.

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The Shakeology drinks come in two flavors:  chocolate or greenberry.  It depends on your personal taste, but I believe the majority of people would prefer the chocolate taste.  You can blend the shake with water, or with a reduced fat milk to increase your protein and make the shake thicker.  Depending on the milk that you use, the drink actually tastes more like a milkshake that you’d get at a drivethru than a health drink!  It’s amazing that something full of so many healthful ingredients can taste this good!

Finally, in deciphering if the shakes were just a grand Shakeology scam, I looked into the willingness of the company to back their product.  As with any product, it is only as good as the company that puts their stamp on it.

Beachbody is the name of the company who produces the Shakeology supplemental drinks, and they have a truly bullet-proof image.  The company has grown exponentially in its offerings of various workout programs and health foods – and the Shakeology shakes are no exception.  Perhaps the thing that demonstrates this the most is their willingness to back their product with a full 30 day money-back guarantee.  This guarantee allows you to use the shakeology meal supplements for a full 30 days and return it at the end if not fully satisfied!  I can speak from personal experience though, that after trying and using the Shakeology drink on a regular basis you will feel the difference in your everyday health and realize that you can’t afford not to use this amazing meal replacement supplement.

So, as you can clearly see, there is no “Shakeology scam”, rip off, or hoax. Shakeology is an ultra-high quality MRP (meal replacement product) that delivers 70 nutritious, whole food ingredients in every glass. If you’re looking for the best meal replacement shake on the planet, give Shakeology a try.

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  1. Yolanda Lewis says:

    There’s definitely no Shakeology scam being pulled by Beachbody, this is by far the tastiest and healthiest meal replacement shake I’ve ever tried. I was a little bit nervous before I ordered my first bag of Shakeology, but I’m so glad I did.

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