Shakeology Nutrition Label – What You Need to Know

The Shakeology nutrition label is loaded with important information that you need to know that is critical for your health.  This article will explain the nutrition label, as well as draw attention to the critical factors in comparing Shakeology to other competitors.

The Shakeology Revolution

Shakeology has stormed onto the scene with a best selling meal replacement shake that is scientifically engineered to contain a high dose of nutrition with next to no calories or fat.  Most meal replacement drinks give limited if any nutritional value, and in turn also contain sometimes 200-300% more fat, calories, and cholesterol than a Shakeology shake.

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Meal Replacement Drink Basics

Meal replacement drinks are meant to be used as a fast and convenient replacement for a less healthy meal choice.  Many people replace their breakfast or lunch with a Shakeology shake that delivers a very potent punch of positive nutrition.  If you consider that the typical fast food meal has 1000-1200 calories, it is easy to see how fast weight gain can accumulate.  In addition, the typical fast food meal is loaded with sodium, fat, cholesterol, grease, etc – in addition to the calories.  Not only do you get the high calorie count, but you also fail to receive many healthy ingredients for the calories.

Shakeology reviews show that the Shakeology drink fills a void for people looking to eat healthier, more balanced diets – as well as helping them to achieve their fitness and health goals.  Some of the many benefits you can expect to see with Shakeology are:  weight loss, increased energy, improved immunity, improved mental clarity and sharpness, stronger hair, nails, and skin, improved digestion and regularity, reduced recovery time from exercise, increased lean muscle mass, and an overall feeling of health.

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Shakeology Nutrition Label

Shakeology Nutrition LabelThe Shakeology Nutrition Label contains alot of important information regarding the overpowering health benefits of a single Shakeology drink.  For instance, Shakeology contains the daily allowance of the following ingredients:  Vitamin A – 100%; Vitamin C – 300%; Vitamin D – 50%; Vitamin E – 50%; Vitamin K1 – 50%; Vitamin B1 – 100%; Vitamin B2 – 77%; Vitamin B3 – 25%; Vitamin B6 – 100%; Vitamin B12 – 100%; Folic Acid – 50%; Calcium – 50%; Manganese – 50%; Chromium – 50%; Magnesium – 20%; Molybdenum – 40%; Iron – 22%; Zinc – 40%; Pantothenic Acid – 50%, etc.

Shakeology has over 70 healthy ingredients with only 140 calories and less than 0.5 grams of fat.  It would literally take you a large bag of groceries to contain the wide variety and assortment of ingredients found in a single drink.  Beachbody combed the world over to find the most beneficial natural ingredients to include in your shake that include açai and goji berries, camu-camu, quinoa, wheat grass, maca root, and sacha inchi.

Shakeology Guarantee

Shakeology LabelShakeology doesn’t want you to take their word for it, they stand behind their product 100%.

With the “Bottom Of The Bag” guarantee, you can try Shakeology for a full 30 days and if not fully satisfied return it for a 100% refund minus shipping costs!  Unbelievable – you literally have no risk to try their product!

Plus, sign up for the monthly autoship and receive FREE shipping, 2 FREE workout DVD’s, and a FREE shaker cup to mix your Shakeology.

Why wait, go with the leading brand and favorite for your meal replacement choice.  As the Shakeology Nutrition Label shows, no one else but Shakeology can create a healthier drink that can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

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