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Looking for a simple way to generate some serious income? Look no further … become a Shakeology distributor and begin to unlock the keys to your financial future. Many individuals have been able to stay-at-home with their kids, retire early, work from home, work their own hours, and achieve financial independence through the Beachbody Shakeology distributor program. This article will detail the specifics of how to get started, and will explain how to hit the ground running with your new business.

Shakeology Distrubutorship

The Shakeology Drink

The Shakeology drink revolutionized the meal replacement drink market for one reason  – the nutritional scientists at Beachbody discovered a way to include more healthy ingredients than any other drink on the market all the while managing to limit its calories to 140 and its fat to less than 0.5 grams!  This revolutionary nutritional marvel smokes the other products on the market today with no one else delivering anywhere near the nutritional benefit of a single Shakeology drink.  In fact, many competitors would require 3, 4, or even more drinks to match what is contained in only one Shakeology drink.  Not to mention, having to drink 3, 4, or more drinks – would have drastically more calories and fat as well.

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Shakeology Results

Shakeology DistributorNumerous Shakeology reviews show that the Shakeology revolution is real – and that real people like yourself are achieving the kind of results they never thought possible.  A recent double-blind, scientific study looked at the Shakeology regimen in detail over a 90 day period.  While the control group had no changes with their weight, the Shakeology group lost an average of 10 pounds each!  Plus they lost an average of 2 inches at their waist line!  Not only that, but other results commonly achieved with Shakeology include:  weight loss, reduced cravings, increased energy levels, improved immunity, improved mental clarity and function, improved digestion and regularity, decreased recovery time from exercise, increased lean muscle mass, stronger hair, nails, and skin, reduced cholesterol, improved blood pressure, and reduced cardiac risk factors.

Shakeology Ingredients

Beachbody combed the world over to find only the finest nutritional components for their drink, and they managed to cram over 70+ ingredients into a single Shakeology drink – contrast that to the approximately 20 ingredients found in competitor drinks.  Shakeology contains vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, phytonutrients, protein, amino acids, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and antioxidants.  It would literally take you a grocery bag full of organic products to match what is located in one 140 calorie serving of Shakeology.  It is easy to see why the Shakeology meal replacement drink is easily the healthiest meal of your day.

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Make Money As A Shakeology Distributor

The Shakeology distributor program, or coach program, was designed to allow you to take part in marketing the Beachbody products and in return keep a piece of the profit for yourself.  One can easily spend thousands upon thousands of dollars buying into a successful franchise business idea, but the Shakeology distributor program keeps the cost so low they are basically giving it away!

Shakeology distributors receive a 25% discount on not only Shakeology, but also on every single product that Beachbody sells.  These products encompass many popular workout programs and other nutritional supplements including:  P90X, Power 90, Brazil Butt Lift, Insanity, TurboFire, Shakeology, Results and Recovery Drink, Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs, Body Gospel, RevAbs, 10-Minute Trainer,  Turbo Jam, Chalean extreme, and Yoga booty ballet, in addition to others.

Any products that you sell, you’ll receive a 25% commission.  In addition, and this is where you can really start to make some serious money, you are paid a bonus for sales that are made by friends that you’ve also enrolled in the business.  You literally have the ability to make an unlimited amount of profit selling products that virtually sell themselves.

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Shakeology Distributor – How To Sign Up

In order to sign up as a Shakeology distributor, simply click on the link below.  Follow the directions on the page, and in less than 5 minutes you’ll have completed your first step to financial freedom.  Once you sign up, you’ll receive two professionally made websites which you can send people to in generating sales for your new business.  The sites will be; and

You will gain access to an amazing and diverse product line, as well as to future innovative products, two professionally made websites personalized to you, a 25% discount on all personal orders, a 25% commission on all retail sales, and bonuses through your business for an intial fee of $39.95.  That will cover your new coach kit, and your first month’s fee of $14.95.  After the first month, you only have the $14.95 monthly fee to remain as a coach.

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Shakeology Guarantee

Shakeology DistributorsThe Shakeology guarantee is unmatched in the industry.  Try any product of Beachbody, and if not 100% satisifed – return it in the first 30 days for a full refund minus shipping costs.  That’s right!  You get a risk free trial!  Not only that, but by signing up for the convenient autoship, or home direct Shakeology program, you’ll receive your Shakeology monthly just when you need it with FREE shipping, two FREE workout DVD’s, and a FREE Shakeology shaker cup.  With products you can be proud to stand behind, and can be tried risk free – start profiting today by joining as a Shakeology distributor.

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