Shakeology Coupons – How To Save Money On Shakeology

Looking for some Shakeology coupons?  This article will tell you exactly how to spend the least amount possible to purchase your Shakeology meal replacement drinks.

The Shakeology Shake

Shakeology CouponsShakeology is an ultra premium meal replacement drink that has quickly become the leading drink on the market today.  The geniuses at Shakeology discovered a state of the art nutritional miracle in the Shakeology drinks.  The Shakeology drink contains virtually a grocery bag full of vegetables, fruits, and healthy ingredients – while only containing 140 calories and less than 0.5 grams of fat!  In other words, you get all of the nutrients your body needs, and none of the negative nutrients you don’t want. No wonder the Shakeology meal replacement drink has been dubbed your “healthiest meal of the day”.

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Shakeology Benefits

One Shakeology review after another has discovered the same positive effects of using Shakeology that include:  weight loss, increased energy, decreased recovery time from exercise, increased lean muscle mass, improved blood pressure, improved cholesterol, reduced cardiac risk factors, reduced degenerative changes, improved digestion and regularity, improved immunity, enhanced mental clarity and function, and stronger hair, nails, and skin.

How To Use Shakeology

Shakeology can be incorporated into your diet through a number of different strategies.  The most common strategy is to replace one meal per day with a Shakeology drink.  The second method is to replace two meals per day with a Shakeology drink which leads to even faster weight loss results – but should not be done for periods greater than 4 weeks.

And lastly, there is the Shakeology cleanse program which involves replacing every meal with a Shakeology shake in addition to eating one salad and keeping your body well hydrated for a period of three days.  This cleanse program helps restore your body to a state of homeostasis and accelerates progress through any plateaus you may have reached with your weight loss.  The Shakeology cleanse program should not be done more than once every three months.

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Shakeology Coupons – How To Save Money On Shakeology

First, there is no such thing as Shakeology coupons, but don’t get worried – you can still save a boat load on your Shakeology order with the steps I’ll show you.  Saving money on your shakes doesn’t require Shakeology coupons, but there are a few steps to maximize your savings.

First, enroll in the home direct, or autoship program.  You receive your monthly Shakeology and pay NO shipping (~$10 savings).  Even if you are unsure if you will continue with Shakeology after the first month, it is still worth it to enroll for the home direct for the free shipping – then call and place your autoship program on hold if you want to wait to order the next bag.

Secondly, purchase the 30 serving value bag instead of the individual packets.  You’ll receive 25% more Shakeology for the same price ($30 savings).

Thirdly, enlist as a Beachbody coach and receive 25% off of any Beachbody product and have the ability to generate income with your own Beachbody business ($30 savings).  They will even supply you with two of your own professionally designed websites to refer customers to in generating sales!

These three simple steps effectively save you $70 per order of Shakeology and allow you to purchase your Shakeology supply at a deep discount.

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Shakeology Taste

Shakeology tastes amazing, plain and simple.  Two blockbuster flavors chocolate and greenberry, taste fantastic alone or when mixed with countless other Shakeology recipes.  The flavors both mix in seconds to form a rich, filling, and creamy shake that can be enjoyed at home or easily taken with you on the road.  While both flavors are tasty, chocolate is the better selling of the two.

Shakeology Guarantee

Shakeology CouponShakeology stands behind their products with the best guarantee in the business.  Try Shakeology for 30 days, and if not 100% satisfied with the results you see, return it for a FULL refund minus shipping costs.  Unbelievable … a risk-free trial.  Not only that, but by enrolling for the home direct, or autoship program – you’ll receive FREE shipping on every monthly shipment, two FREE Shakeology workout DVD’s, and a FREE Shakeology mixer cup.

Start seeing the health and weight results you’ve been wanting to achieve and take advantage of the Shakeology risk-free trial.  Although there is no such thing as Shakeology coupons, the money you will save with the steps detailed in this article leave making the decision to use Shakeology a no-brainer.

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