Shakeology Coach

Shakeology CoachInterested in generating additional income through a fantastic product line?  Look no further.  Become a Shakeology Coach today and begin to personally profit from the unrivaled success of this amazing fitness company.

What Is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a premium meal replacement drink that since being launched in 2009, has quickly become the best selling and most acclaimed health drink on the market today.  Shakeology comes in two fantastic flavors – chocolate, or greenberry.  Both flavors are amazing – and both mix quickly and easily to form a thick, creamy, and satisfying shake that has over 70+ healthy ingredients with only 140 calories and less than 0.5 grams of fat.

Thousands of Shakeology reviews have shown the most common benefits to using Shakeology include:  weight loss, increased lean muscle mass, improved blood pressure, improved cholesterol, increased mental sharpness and acuity, increased energy levels, decreased cardiac risk factors, stronger hair, nails, and skin, reduced incidence of degenerative changes on the body, and an overall amazingly healthy feeling!

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Is Shakeology Better Than Its Competitors?

Yes!  Shakeology contains many times more the daily allowance of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, phytonutrients, probiotics, antioxidants, and ingredients than its competitors.  Couple that with the fact that it contains less calories, fat, and cholesterol than the competitors – and you have an elite, state-of-the-art engineered meal replacement drink.  Shakeology has over 70+ healthy ingredients, while many competitors lack that diversity containing only 20-30 unique ingredients.

Finally, Shakeology contains NO caffeine, NO artificial sweeteners, and NO gluten.  All of these items have been proven to cause negative health effects – and almost all of them are located in the competitors drinks.  Shakeology delivers an amazing value for your dollar for the extremely high nutritional potency you receive with each drink.

Shakeology Coach

Become a Shakeology Coach to begin making 25% on any sales of Shakeology – or other Beachbody products.  As your business grows by simply spreading the word about your success with their products, you will qualify for “cycle bonuses”  – and then the compounding really starts to take off.  There are countless stay-at-home-parents, entrepreneurs, and people that just like their products – that now make more as a Shakeology coach than they did working in their profession.

Signup is easy – and you will be off towards becoming more financially independent.  The great thing about this program is that you benefit physically through the countless exercise and nutrition products, and financially through the generous commissions you receive from Beachbody for helping to market them.  Just a few of the products you will have access to include: P90X, Power 90, Brazil Butt Lift, Insanity, TurboFire, Shakeology, Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs, Body Gospel, RevAbs, 10-Minute Trainer,  Turbo Jam, Chalean extreme, Yoga booty ballet in addition to others.

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Beachbody Coach – The Company Behind The Products

Shakeology AffiliateBeachbody has been enrolled with the Better Business Bureau since 2002, and in that time has managed to maintain the highest possible rating of A+.  Beachbody stands firmly behind the quality of their products with an amazing guarantee that is unrivaled.  Try their product for up to 30 days, and if not 100% satisfied – return it for a complete refund minus shipping costs.  That guarantee can’t be beaten!  Enrolling as a Beachbody coach makes you a partner together with this amazing parent company that prides itself in the quality of its reputation and product line.

As a Shakeology Coach you will also benefit from all of the marketing that Beachbody does to educate people about the products you have.  It is hard to flip through the stations on your tv without seeing an infomercial about P90X or Insanity!  You stand to benefit as a Shakeology Coach from all of the advertising that Beachbody pays for itself.

Shakeology Affiliate Program

By becoming a Shakeology Coach, you will also receive a business center which gives you access to their banner ads for internet advertising, and access to a plethora of marketing tools that you can utilize to grow you business and income.  You can use your internet site you literally make you money while you sleep as traffic is directed to the site and places orders through your site.  The Shakeology affiliate program is a fantastic opportunity to personally profit from the amazing product line and reputation of a fantastic company.  Start unlocking your financial freedom by becoming a Shakeology Coach today!

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