Shakeology Cleanse Results

People have been excited about their Shakeology cleanse results.  This article will tell you what you can expect to gain from your Shakeology cleanse results. This article will also detail the specifics on how to implement the Shakeology cleansing program.

Shakeology Cleanse Results

What Is Shakeology?

Shakeology is an ultra-premium meal replacement drink that is meant to be taken as a substitute for one meal per day.  Shakeology comes in two amazing flavors:  chocolate, and greenberry (with chocolate being the best selling flavor).  The drink mixes in seconds to form a rich, thick, and filling drink that can be taken with you on the road or enjoyed at home.

Shakeology is the best selling meal replacement drink on the market – and for good reason.  The nutritional scientists at Beachbody figured out a way to bundle over 70+ healthing ingredients – while containing only 140 calories and less than 0.5 grams of fat.  The Shakeology drinks contain nothing but the highest quality ingredients, and is sure to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

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Shakeology Cleanse Program

The Shakeology cleanse program calls for an individual to take a Shakeology drink for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  In addition to the shake at dinner, you should also have a light house salad that has some white meat on it in a small size portion.  The standard way to use Shakeology is by replacing one meal per day with it – but the Shakeology cleanse program calls for 3 shakes in one day.

Shakeology Cleansing Goals

The Shakeology cleanse program has several goals, but it’s main goal is to make rapid progress at flushing the body of toxins and accelerate your weight loss.  Typical “crash” diets use restricted caloric diets to help you lose weight, but you are not only deprived of the ingredients you don’t want – you are also deprived of the ingredients your body needs to continue to function at a high level.  Depriving your body of the positive nutrition that it needs leaves you feeling irritable, fatigued, sickly, and can even cause heart arrythmia’s and diarrhea.

Shakeology reduces your caloric intake, while making sure that your body has the nutritional sustenance that it needs.  The end result of this is that you feel more energetic, have enhanced mental clarity and function, improved immunity, lose weight FAST, and improved digestion and regularity by flushing your body of toxins.  Other benefits noted with taking Shakeology for longer periods include:  increased lean muscle mass, decreased cardiovascular risk factors, average loss of 2 inches at waist (after 90 days), loss of 10 lbs (after 90 days of 1 drink/day), improved blood pressure, improved cholesterol, and an overwhelming feeling of optimal health!

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Shakeology Cleanse Results

Shakeology Cleanse ResultSo, I know you are excited to hear about the results you can see after only 3 days of this amazing Shakeology cleanse diet that leaves you feeling satiated, fills your body with only the positive nutrients it needs, and helps you reach your fitness goals at a lightning speed.  As many a Shakeology review has reported, I am happy to also report that in 3 days I was able to lose 9.5 lbs!  In fact, I lost an inch at my waist!  I no longer feel bloated, my energy levels have never been better, and I’ve never felt better!

Shakeology Guarantee

The makers of Shakeology are so certain that you will absolutely love their ultra-premium meal replacement drink that they are willing to do something that no one else is.  They are willing to offer you a risk-free trial guarantee.  Try Shakeology for 30 days, and if not 100% satisfied – return it for a full refund minus shipping costs!  Unbelievable!  Not only that, but sign up for the home direct, or auto ship program, and receive FREE shipping, 2 FREE workout DVD’s, and a FREE shaker cup.

The Shakeology cleanse results will blow your expectations away.  Stop standing around complaining about how you feel and your weight – and take Shakeology’s risk-free trial guarantee to test the Shakeology cleanse results for yourself!

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