Insanity + Shakeology – Use Them Together For Amazing Results!

Looking to magnify your fitness results for a more sculpted body?  The Insanity + Shakeology combination is just the ticket for helping you break through to your goals.  This article will tell you about Shakeology – the best meal replacement drink on the market, and the incredibly challenging Insanity workout routine.

The Shakeology Shake

Insanity ShakeologyThe Shakeology drink has quickly become the most popular and effective nutrition tool on the market today.  The Shakeology drinks are intended to be used in place of a meal in order to help you receive the positive nutrients you need, while only ingesting 140 calories and less than 0.5 grams of fat.  The Shakeology drink contains over 70+ healthy ingredients that include açai and goji berries, camu-camu, quinoa, wheat grass, maca root, and sacha inchi among many others.

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Shakeology Results

After 90 days, a recent scientific study found that the average Shakeology user lost 10 pounds, and lost over 2 inches from their waist.  Together with those changes, they also improved their cholesterol levels, reduced their cardiac risk factors, reduced degenerative changes, lost weight, and improved their blood pressure.  The study was done by replacing one meal per day with the Shakeology drink for 90 days, but looking at another Shakeology review or two show that people lose weight even faster when replacing two meals per day with the Shakeology shake.

Shakeology Flavors

Shakeology currently comes in two fantastic flavors – chocolate, and greenberry.  Both will mix quickly to form a thick, creamy, tasty, and filling drink that will limit your cravings and keep you feeling your best.  Shakeology is currently working on a third flavor, but the details have yet to be released.  The best selling flavor is chocolate, but both taste great by themselves or mixed to make other Shakeology recipes.

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Insanity Workout

The Insanity workout program will transform your body in only 60 days.  Thanks to Shaun T and the Beachbody company, this amazing home DVD workout program is now available for you achieve a more sculpted and firm body than you could ever imagine.  Insanity can be done in a medium sized room, and it doesn’t require any additional fitness equipment besides a towel for your sweat and a water bottle.  The explosive atheltic and cardiovascular training that you’ll receive doing these workouts will leave you feeling better than you ever have.

Insanity & Shakeology – A Match Made In Heaven

Knowing the amazing results that people have accomplished with the Insanity workout routine and Shakeology shakes separately, why not combine them for Insanity Shakeology?  By using them together, you will achieve perfect nutritional harmony together with an amazing exercise program that will help you achieve even more amazing results.

Money Back Guarantee

Shakeology InsanityStill not sure?  Don’t take my word for it – and put Beachbody’s money back guarantee to the test.  Beachbody is so confident that you will love the products and results you see, that they are willing to give you a risk-free trial of both Insanity and Shakeology.  Try the products for 30 days and if not 100% satisfied, receive a full refund minus shipping costs.  Take advantage of the home direct, or autoship program and receive FREE shipping, 2 FREE workout DVD’s, and a FREE mixing cup for your Shakeology.  Start now on your path to achieving your fitness and weight goals but utilizing Insanity + Shakeology for maximum results.

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