How Does Shakeology Taste?

How does Shakeology taste?  This question will be answered below as well as how Shakeology compares to its competitors. Shakeology has become a best-seller, but we will uncover the truth behind this blockbuster product.

 The Shakeology Drink

Shakeology Taste

Shakeology is the leading meal replacement drink on the market today.  Derived from ultra-premium ingredients, Shakeology prides itself in only using the finest of products to deliver an overwhelming amount of nutrition in just a single shake.  Not only does it contain everything you want to fortify your diet, but it also contains little to none of what you don’t want.  Shakeology contains only 140 calories and less than 0.5 grams of fat per serving – and it contains NO caffeine, NO gluten, and NO harmful artificial sweeteners.

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How Do I Take Shakeology?

Shakeology couldn’t be any simpler to incorporate into your lifestyle.  By replacing one or more meals per day with a single Shakeology drink, your body will lose weight from the reduction in calories – yet you will continue to function at an optimal level due to the positive nutrient potency located in each shake.

Most people replace one meal per day with a Shakeology shake, although faster results are seen with two meals replaced by a shake.  There is also a Shakeology cleanse program which is performed for 3 days, and involves drinking a Shakeology shake for each of the three meals per day.  Obviously the three day detoxification program has faster results, but it should not be done more than once every three months.

How Does Shakeology Taste?

Shakeology will leave you with a smile on your face as you savor the rich flavor that is found in each of their two popular drink flavors:  chocolate, and greenberry.  Not only are each of the flavors outstanding by themselves, but they are fantastic when combined with countless other Shakeology recipes when more variety is needed.  Numerous Shakeology reviews have shown that Shakeology’s taste is far better than any of the other drinks on the market.

If pushed into a corner and asked to chose a single flavor of Shakeology that I prefer, I would have to go with the Shakeology chocolate flavor.  The Shakeology chocolate flavor is more versatile in combination with other recipes.  Both flavors mix quickly and effortlessly to form a filling and delectable shake that can be enjoyed immediately or taken with you on the road.

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Shakeology Benefits

After asking the question “how does Shakeology taste“, the next thing you should know are the health benefits you will see with Shakeology that you won’t see with its competitors.  Shakeology has a host of positive health benefits which include:  weight loss, decreased blood pressure, increased energy, decreased recovery time from exercise, increased lean muscle mass, improved cholesterol, reduced cardiac risk factors, improved digestion and regularity, enhanced mental clarity and function, stronger hair, nails, and skin, and an overwhelming feeling of optimal health.

Shakeology Guarantee

Taste ShakeologyThere is no better way to settle the question “how does Shakeology taste” than to find out for yourself.  Shakeology offers a risk-free trial to convince any skeptics – which is the best guarantee in the business.  Try Shakeology for 30 days, and if not 100% satisfied – return it for a full refund minus shipping!  What an amazing guarantee!

Even better, enroll in the home direct or autoship program and receive FREE shipping on all your Shakeology orders, two FREE Shakeology workout DVD’s, and a FREE Shakeology mixer cup.  So how does Shakeology taste … amazing!  Make sure to start your risk-free trial today and begin to see the positive health benefits that it holds in store for you!

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